Head-to-Head: Big.js vs Moneysafe Analysis


v6.2.1(about 1 year ago)

This package was last published over a year ago. It may not be actively maintained.Types definitions are provided via a separate npm package: @types/big.jsNumber of direct dependencies: 0Monthly npm downloads

Big.js is a JavaScript library that provides arbitrary-precision decimal arithmetic. It allows you to perform precise calculations with decimal numbers, avoiding the rounding errors that can occur with native JavaScript number handling. Big.js supports a wide range of mathematical operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and more.

Alternatives: decimal.js

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v2.2.1(almost 4 years ago)

This package was last published over a year ago. It may not be actively maintained.The package doesn't have any types definitionsNumber of direct dependencies: 1Monthly npm downloads

Convenient, safe money calculations in JS



Big.js is a widely used npm package for arbitrary-precision decimal arithmetic, while moneysafe is a relatively lesser-known package that focuses on financial calculations. Big.js has a larger user base and more community support.


Big.js provides high precision arithmetic capabilities for working with very large numbers, which is particularly useful in financial calculations, scientific computations, and cryptography. On the other hand, moneysafe is specifically designed for secure financial calculations, including money formatting, rounding, and handling currency operations.


Big.js is optimized for performance and handles calculations efficiently. It uses a decimal floating-point arithmetic and provides high precision with a minimal loss of performance. Moneysafe also focuses on performance and incorporates optimizations for financial calculations, ensuring accurate results and efficient processing.

Developer Experience

Both packages have well-documented APIs and offer a smooth developer experience. Big.js provides a simple and straightforward API for performing arithmetic operations on arbitrary-precision numbers. Moneysafe also offers a clean and intuitive API for financial calculations, making it easy to work with monetary values.


Big.js and moneysafe are compatible with Node.js as well as modern web browsers. They can be used in both server-side and client-side applications without any major compatibility issues.


Big.js is actively maintained and has a strong community behind it, providing regular updates and bug fixes. Moneysafe is also maintained, but it may have a smaller community and fewer updates compared to Big.js.