Head-to-Head: Ava vs LiveDoc Analysis


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Ava is a popular JavaScript testing framework focused on simplicity, speed and ease of use. Ava was designed with modern JavaScript in mind, utilizing the latest and greatest features like async/await, template literals and destructuring. One of the key features of Ava is its parallel testing capability, running tests concurrently to maximize test suite speed.

Alternatives: mocha, jasmine, jest

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livedoc-mocha is a flexible and extensible documentation generator for Mocha, a popular JavaScript testing framework. It automatically generates documentation from Mocha test files and provides an easy way to organize, visualize, and share your test results.

Alternatives: jsdoc, mocha-docs, mocha-each, mochawesome

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AVA is a popular choice among JavaScript developers, known for its simplicity and developer-friendly features. It has a strong community and good adoption. On the other hand, Livedoc-Mocha is not as well-known as AVA and may have a smaller user base.

Testing Framework

AVA is a concurrent test runner that runs tests in parallel, allowing for faster execution and improved performance. It also provides a simple and easy-to-use syntax for writing tests, with built-in support for asynchronous tests. Livedoc-Mocha, on the other hand, is an extension of Mocha and adds additional features like living documentation. It provides a way to write tests that also serve as documentation for the code.


AVA comes with various useful features such as built-in parallel test execution, isolated test environments, and enhanced error messages. It also supports TypeScript out of the box. Livedoc-Mocha, on the other hand, focuses more on living documentation, allowing you to generate readable documentation from your tests, alongside executing them. It provides a way to write descriptive and self-explanatory tests that can act as documentation for your codebase.

Community and Support

AVA has a strong community and active development with regular updates. It has good documentation and a dedicated website. Livedoc-Mocha may have a smaller community and less frequent updates compared to AVA.


AVA is well-integrated with various tools and popular frameworks like React, Babel, and CodeSandbox. It also has good support for various test runners and reporters. Livedoc-Mocha, being an extension of Mocha, integrates seamlessly with Mocha and its ecosystem.