Head-to-Head: Astroturf vs Pure.css Analysis


v1.2.0(7 months ago)

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Astroturf is a zero-runtime CSS-in-JS library for React. It allows you to write CSS styles in JavaScript using a familiar CSS syntax, and then generates optimized CSS at build time. This eliminates the need for runtime CSS processing and improves performance.

Alternatives: styled-components, emotion, linaria

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v3.0.0(11 months ago)

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PureCSS is a minimal and lightweight CSS framework designed to help developers create responsive and mobile-first web pages quickly and easily. It provides a collection of commonly used CSS classes that can be applied to HTML elements to achieve commonly used layout and design patterns without having to write custom CSS code. With PureCSS, you can create responsive grids, forms, buttons, tables, and more with minimal effort.

Alternatives: Bootstrap, Foundation, MaterializeCSS

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Astroturf and PureCSS both have their own popularity within the JavaScript ecosystem, but in different domains. Astroturf is a popular choice among React developers, especially those who prefer CSS-in-JS solutions. On the other hand, PureCSS is a well-established and widely-used CSS library known for its minimalistic and lightweight nature.


Astroturf is a CSS-in-JS library that allows you to write CSS in JavaScript components, providing powerful features like scoped styles, dynamic styles, and CSS composition. It offers a rich set of features for managing styles in React applications. PureCSS, on the other hand, is a CSS library that provides a collection of responsive and lightweight CSS modules and components without any JavaScript dependencies.

Developer Experience

Astroturf provides a seamless developer experience by allowing developers to write CSS code in JavaScript files, enabling better component encapsulation and easier maintenance. It also offers excellent TypeScript support. PureCSS, being a traditional CSS library, relies on class names and traditional CSS methodologies. It provides a straightforward and familiar experience for developers accustomed to regular CSS development.


Astroturf integrates well with React and other JavaScript frameworks or libraries that support CSS-in-JS solutions. It provides various integrations and tooling to enhance the development process. PureCSS, on the other hand, is framework-agnostic and can be used with any JavaScript framework or even standalone HTML projects without any specific integration requirements.


Astroturf generates optimized CSS at build time, resulting in efficient and performant styles for your React components. It also enables you to eliminate unused styles from the production bundle. PureCSS, being a collection of pre-built CSS modules and components, is designed to be lightweight and optimized for performance.