Head-to-Head: Apollo Angular vs ember-apollo-client Analysis


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Apollo Angular is a powerful integration of the Apollo Client GraphQL library with Angular. It provides a seamless way to connect your Angular application with a GraphQL server, enabling efficient data fetching and real-time updates.

Alternatives: graphql-request, ngx-apollo, urql

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Ember Apollo Client is a powerful integration between Ember.js and Apollo Client, which is a popular GraphQL client for JavaScript. It allows Ember.js developers to easily fetch and manage data from a GraphQL API in their applications.

Alternatives: ember-graphql-request, ember-apollo, ember-apollo-client-preset

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Apollo Angular has gained significant popularity within the Angular community and has a large user base due to its integration with the Apollo ecosystem. Ember Apollo Client, on the other hand, is tailored specifically for Ember.js and has a smaller user base compared to Apollo Angular.


Apollo Angular seamlessly integrates with Angular applications, leveraging the Angular Core modules and providing extensive support for GraphQL operations. Ember Apollo Client, on the other hand, is designed specifically for Ember.js and integrates well with the Ember ecosystem. It offers integration with Ember Data and provides Ember-specific features.

Developer Experience

Both packages provide a good developer experience, but the experience may vary depending on the framework familiarity. Apollo Angular has extensive documentation, strong community support, and follows Angular best practices. Ember Apollo Client also offers good documentation and community support, specifically tailored for Ember developers.


Both packages provide similar features for working with GraphQL. Apollo Angular offers powerful tools for loading and managing GraphQL data, supporting features like GraphQL queries, mutations, subscriptions, and caching. Ember Apollo Client provides similar features but is specifically built to leverage Ember's conventions and embraces Ember's data layer.


Apollo Angular provides a flexible and customizable approach to working with GraphQL in an Angular application. It allows you to configure various options and supports advanced features like local state management and network interfaces. Ember Apollo Client, being tailored for Ember.js, may be less flexible but provides a more streamlined and opinionated approach to GraphQL integration within the Ember framework.

Community Support

Apollo Angular benefits from being part of the larger Apollo ecosystem, which has a vibrant community and strong support. It is actively maintained and regularly updated. Ember Apollo Client has a smaller community due to its narrower focus on Ember.js but still has solid community support and regular updates from the maintainers.