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ag-Grid Community is a feature-rich and highly customizable JavaScript data grid library for building interactive data-driven applications. It provides a wide range of powerful features such as sorting, filtering, grouping, and aggregation, along with support for virtualization and infinite scrolling for handling large datasets efficiently.

Compared to other data grid libraries, ag-Grid Community offers exceptional performance and flexibility. It supports various data sources, including plain JavaScript arrays, JSON, and server-side data, and provides extensive customization options for styling, cell rendering, and column configuration. It also has excellent support for internationalization and accessibility.

ag-Grid Community is actively maintained and regularly updated with new features and bug fixes. It has a large and active community, providing extensive documentation, tutorials, and support. However, if you require additional enterprise-level features and support, you may consider upgrading to ag-Grid Enterprise or ag-Grid Enterprise Plus.

Alternatives: react-data-grid, handsontable, slickgrid

Tags: javascriptdata-gridinteractivesortingfilteringgroupingaggregationvirtualizationinfinite-scrolling