Head-to-Head: @urql/vue vs ember-apollo-client Analysis


v1.1.2(4 months ago)

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@urql/vue is a lightweight and flexible GraphQL client library for Vue.js applications. It provides a simple and intuitive API for making GraphQL queries and mutations, and seamlessly integrates with Vue's reactivity system.

Alternatives: apollo-client, graphql-request, relay

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v4.1.1(5 months ago)

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Ember Apollo Client is a powerful integration between Ember.js and Apollo Client, which is a popular GraphQL client for JavaScript. It allows Ember.js developers to easily fetch and manage data from a GraphQL API in their applications.

Alternatives: ember-graphql-request, ember-apollo, ember-apollo-client-preset

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@urql/vue and ember-apollo-client are both popular packages, but they cater to different communities. @urql/vue is a popular choice among Vue.js developers, while ember-apollo-client is primarily used in Ember.js projects.


@urql/vue is specifically designed for Vue.js and provides seamless integration with the Vue ecosystem. On the other hand, ember-apollo-client is built specifically for Ember.js and offers easy integration with Ember's data management capabilities.

State Management

@urql/vue leverages Vue's reactive state management system to handle caching and state updates, making it easier to manage application state. ember-apollo-client integrates with Ember Data, which provides a powerful and flexible data layer for managing and querying data.

Learning Curve

If you are already familiar with Vue.js, using @urql/vue will be fairly straightforward since it follows Vue's patterns and conventions. On the other hand, ember-apollo-client requires familiarity with Ember.js and its data management concepts, which may have a steeper learning curve if you are new to the Ember ecosystem.

Community Support

@urql/vue benefits from the active Vue.js community and has good community support. It also has detailed documentation and examples to facilitate development. ember-apollo-client, being part of the Ember.js ecosystem, also has a dedicated community and good support, with thorough documentation and resources available.


@urql/vue provides a more flexible and customizable experience, allowing you to fine-tune the behavior and configuration to match your specific needs. ember-apollo-client, on the other hand, follows Ember's conventions and provides a predefined structure that can be less flexible but offers consistency and ease of use.