Head-to-Head: @urql/vue vs ember-apollo-client Analysis


v1.2.0(14 days ago)

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@urql/vue is a Vue.js integration for Urql, a lightweight and powerful GraphQL client. It provides a seamless way to connect Vue applications to GraphQL APIs with minimal setup and efficient data fetching capabilities. @urql/vue leverages Vue's reactivity system to automatically update components when data changes, making it easy to build reactive and performant applications.


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v4.1.1(about 1 year ago)

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An ember-cli addon for the Apollo GraphQL Client.



@urql/vue is a relatively new package compared to ember-apollo-client. However, both packages have gained popularity within their respective communities. @urql/vue is popular among Vue.js developers, while ember-apollo-client is popular among Ember.js developers.


@urql/vue is specifically designed for Vue.js and provides seamless integration with Vue components. It follows Vue's reactive model and leverages Vue's reactivity system. On the other hand, ember-apollo-client is built for Ember.js and integrates well with Ember's component model and data layer.


@urql/vue provides a lightweight and flexible GraphQL client for Vue.js. It offers features like caching, automatic batching, and server-side rendering support. ember-apollo-client, on the other hand, is a full-featured GraphQL client for Ember.js, providing features like query and mutation management, optimistic UI updates, and more.

Community and Support

Both packages have active communities and provide good support. However, since @urql/vue is relatively new, it may have a smaller community compared to ember-apollo-client. Ember.js, being a mature framework, has a larger community and more resources available.

Learning Curve

If you are already familiar with Vue.js, using @urql/vue should have a relatively low learning curve as it follows Vue's patterns and conventions. On the other hand, ember-apollo-client requires familiarity with Ember.js and its concepts, which may have a steeper learning curve if you are new to Ember.js.