Head-to-Head: @urql/preact vs graphql-request Analysis


v4.0.4(16 days ago)

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@urql/preact is a lightweight and efficient GraphQL client library for Preact applications. It provides a simple and intuitive API for making GraphQL queries, mutations, and subscriptions. With @urql/preact, you can easily integrate GraphQL into your Preact projects and benefit from features like caching, automatic batching, and real-time updates.

Alternatives: @apollo/client, relay, graphql-request

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v6.1.0(6 months ago)

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graphql-request is a lightweight and flexible JavaScript library for making GraphQL requests. It provides a simple and intuitive API for sending queries and mutations to a GraphQL server. With graphql-request, you can easily fetch data from a GraphQL endpoint and handle the responses in a convenient way.

Alternatives: apollo-client, urql, relay

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graphql-request is a popular and widely used library for making GraphQL requests in JavaScript. It has a large community and is well-established. @urql/preact is a specific package that integrates the urql GraphQL client with the Preact library. It is not as popular as graphql-request, but it is a good option if you are using Preact in your project.


@urql/preact is specifically designed to work with Preact, so it provides seamless integration with Preact components and ecosystem. On the other hand, graphql-request is a more generic library and can be used with any JavaScript framework or library.


graphql-request provides a simple and straightforward API for making GraphQL requests. It supports features like query batching, caching, and subscriptions. @urql/preact, being an integration package, combines the functionality of urql (a GraphQL client) with the Preact ecosystem, providing additional features like Preact-specific hooks and components.


graphql-request is a lightweight library with a small bundle size, making it suitable for projects where size is a concern. @urql/preact, being an integration package, has a slightly larger size due to the inclusion of the urql client and Preact-specific functionality.

Developer Experience

Both libraries provide good developer experience. graphql-request has a simple and intuitive API, making it easy to use and understand. @urql/preact provides a Preact-specific syntax and hooks, which can be beneficial if you are already familiar with Preact and want to leverage its features in combination with GraphQL.

Community Support

graphql-request has a larger and more mature community support due to its popularity and generic nature. It has extensive documentation, examples, and community resources available. @urql/preact, being a specific integration package, has a smaller but dedicated community. Although its community support may not be as extensive as graphql-request, it still provides the necessary resources to get started with urql and Preact integration.