Head-to-Head: jest-dom vs Svelte Testing Library Analysis


v6.4.6(11 days ago)

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@testing-library/jest-dom is a companion library for Jest that provides custom Jest matchers for asserting on DOM elements. It enhances the testing experience by offering a set of matchers specifically designed for testing user interfaces and interactions. These matchers allow you to write more expressive and readable tests for your web applications.


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v5.1.0(about 2 months ago)

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@testing-library/svelte is a testing utility library specifically designed for testing Svelte components. It provides a simple and intuitive API for interacting with Svelte components in a way that closely resembles how users interact with them in the browser. This library encourages writing tests that focus on the behavior of the components rather than their implementation details, leading to more robust and maintainable tests.


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Both @testing-library/jest-dom and @testing-library/svelte are part of the Testing Library ecosystem and are designed to work with different frameworks. @testing-library/jest-dom is specifically designed for testing React applications with Jest as the testing framework, while @testing-library/svelte is designed for testing Svelte applications.


@testing-library/jest-dom provides a set of custom Jest matchers and utilities that enhance the testing experience for React applications. It allows you to write more expressive and readable tests by providing matchers for DOM-related assertions. On the other hand, @testing-library/svelte provides similar functionality but tailored specifically for Svelte applications. It provides utilities and matchers that are optimized for testing Svelte components and their interactions.

Community Support

Both packages have active communities and are well-maintained. However, @testing-library/jest-dom has a larger community due to the popularity of React and Jest. This means that you may find more resources, tutorials, and community support for @testing-library/jest-dom compared to @testing-library/svelte.


Both packages integrate well with their respective testing frameworks. @testing-library/jest-dom seamlessly integrates with Jest and can be easily set up in a React testing environment. Similarly, @testing-library/svelte integrates with Svelte testing frameworks like Svelte Testing Library and can be used to write tests for Svelte components.

Learning Curve

If you are already familiar with React and Jest, using @testing-library/jest-dom will have a relatively low learning curve as it builds upon the existing knowledge of these tools. On the other hand, if you are working with Svelte and its testing ecosystem, @testing-library/svelte will be more suitable and require familiarity with Svelte-specific testing concepts.