Head-to-Head: jest-dom vs Svelte Testing Library Analysis


v6.1.3(28 days ago)

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@testing-library/jest-dom is an npm package for testing user interfaces built with React. It provides custom matchers and utility functions that help to write more effective tests for your React components using Jest. Jest-dom provides DOM testing utilities that encourage developers to write tests that are closely aligned with user behavior and use cases. Jest-dom leverages the DOM testing logic from @testing-library/react, making it easier to write tests that reflect how users interact with your application.

Alternatives: Enzyme, React Testing Library, Cypress

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v4.0.3(3 months ago)

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@testing-library/svelte is a lightweight and straightforward testing library used for unit and integration testing of Svelte components. It provides a simple API for rendering components and interacting with them to simulate user behavior. The library is built on top of the @testing-library ecosystem, which is well-known for its focus on testing user behavior, rather than implementation details.

Alternatives: jest, Mocha, Cypress

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Both @testing-library/jest-dom and @testing-library/svelte are popular npm packages within the testing community. However, @testing-library/jest-dom is more widely used and has a larger user base compared to @testing-library/svelte.

Supported Frameworks

@testing-library/jest-dom is primarily designed for testing JavaScript applications using the Jest testing framework. It provides utility functions for testing DOM-related behavior in Jest test cases. On the other hand, @testing-library/svelte is specifically tailored for testing Svelte applications using testing frameworks like Jest or Svelte Testing Library.


@testing-library/jest-dom focuses on providing custom Jest matchers and DOM-related utilities to enhance the testing experience with Jest. It helps simulate and assert various DOM behaviors in Jest tests. Conversely, @testing-library/svelte is focused on testing Svelte components and provides utilities specific to testing Svelte applications' functionality and rendering.


@testing-library/jest-dom seamlessly integrates with Jest, enabling you to enhance your Jest tests with custom matchers and DOM-testing utilities. It complements the Jest testing workflow and is widely used alongside Jest. In contrast, @testing-library/svelte integrates with testing frameworks such as Jest or Svelte Testing Library to provide specialized testing utilities specifically for Svelte components and applications.

Community Support

@testing-library/jest-dom benefits from a larger and more established community support due to its popularity and extensive use with Jest. It has a well-documented API and a wide range of community-contributed resources. While @testing-library/svelte has a smaller community, it still provides good documentation and has an active user base within the Svelte ecosystem.