Head-to-Head: Stitches React vs Bulma Analysis


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@stitches/react is a CSS-in-JS library that aims to provide an easier and more efficient way to style React components. It allows you to write your styles using JavaScript, with familiar CSS concepts like variables, nesting and media queries, but with added benefits like runtime CSS generation and CSS props support. With @stitches/react, you can create and reuse custom styles with minimal file size, and easily customize your app's theme using an intuitive API.

Alternatives: styled-components, emotion, radium

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Bulma is a modern, open-source, and CSS-based design framework. It provides a set of widgets, utilities, and standardized styles that allow developers to quickly create responsive and user-friendly websites. Bulma emphasizes on mobile-first designs and provides a clean and consistent look-and-feel to your website. As it is built using CSS, developers have the freedom to use it with any front-end library or framework of their choice.

Alternatives: bootstrap, foundation, semantic-ui

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Bulma is a widely popular CSS framework that has been around for a while and has a large user base. It is a well-established choice for building responsive and modern websites. On the other hand, @stitches/react is a relatively new package that is gaining popularity within the React community for its approach to styling components.

Styling Approach

Bulma is a CSS framework that provides pre-built CSS classes and components for styling websites. It follows a utility-first approach, providing a set of classes that can be combined to style elements. @stitches/react, on the other hand, is a CSS-in-JS solution that allows you to write styles directly in your JavaScript code. It provides a more programmatic and component-centric way of styling.


Bulma offers a wide range of customization options through its extensive set of CSS classes and variables. You can easily override the default styles and create your own unique design. @stitches/react also allows for customization, but it provides a more opinionated approach where the styles are defined using a styled API and can be easily modified and extended.

Component Library

Bulma provides a comprehensive set of pre-built components that cover common UI elements such as buttons, forms, navigation, etc. It offers a consistent and cohesive design system. @stitches/react, on the other hand, focuses more on providing a styling solution rather than pre-built components. It allows you to build your own components and style them using the @stitches/react API.


Bulma provides a great out-of-the-box experience with its ready-to-use components and styles. It is suitable for projects where you want to quickly prototype or build a website with a predefined design. @stitches/react offers more flexibility and control over your styles since you can define them programmatically. It is ideal for projects that require a highly customized design or when you want to build a design system from scratch.

Integration with React

Both packages are compatible with React. Bulma can be easily integrated into a React application by adding the appropriate CSS classes to components. @stitches/react is specifically designed for React and provides a dedicated API for styling React components. It integrates well with the React component lifecycle and allows for dynamic and responsive styles based on component props and state.