Head-to-Head: Primer CSS vs Windi CSS Analysis


v21.0.9(21 days ago)

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@primer/css is a utility-first CSS library that provides a set of pre-defined classes to help you style your HTML elements. It's created and maintained by GitHub's design system team and follows the Primer design system. @primer/css offers a robust set of styling options for typography, layout, color, and more.

Alternatives: Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, Bulma

Tags: cssdesigngithubutility-firstlightweight


v3.5.6(over 1 year ago)

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Windi CSS is a modern utility-first CSS framework that provides classes for designing pages quickly. It offers an intuitive syntax with over 250 built-in utilities for colors, typography, spacing, and more. The framework has a small footprint and can work independently or alongside other CSS frameworks.

Alternatives: Tailwind CSS, Bootstrap, Bulma, Materialize

Tags: cssutilityframeworkresponsivestreamlined



@primer/css is a popular CSS framework maintained by GitHub and used in their own projects. It has gained a significant following within the GitHub community. Windicss is also gaining popularity, especially in the Vue.js ecosystem. However, it is relatively newer compared to @primer/css.


Both packages have different approaches to CSS styling. @primer/css focuses on providing a comprehensive set of utility classes and styles, resulting in a larger file size. Windicss aims to generate utility classes on the fly based on your code, so it can generate smaller bundle sizes.


@primer/css is designed to work seamlessly with GitHub's Primer Design System. It provides ready-to-use components and styles that align with Primer's design principles. Windicss, on the other hand, is more flexible and can be integrated with any project or framework.

Developer Experience

Both packages offer good developer experiences. @primer/css provides a documented and opinionated CSS framework with consistent naming conventions and design patterns. Windicss offers an innovative approach to utility class generation, providing a more flexible and customizable development experience.


While both packages provide customization options, Windicss is designed to be highly customizable. It allows you to configure and extend utility classes to fit your specific needs. @primer/css also supports customization, but it is more opinionated and focuses on maintaining consistency within the Primer Design System.

Community and Support

Both packages have active communities and provide support channels. However, @primer/css benefits from the support and involvement of GitHub, which adds to its credibility and resources. Windicss has a growing community and provides support through its GitHub repository, Discord chat, and documentation.