Head-to-Head: Primer CSS vs Aphrodite Analysis


v21.0.9(22 days ago)

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@primer/css is a utility-first CSS library that provides a set of pre-defined classes to help you style your HTML elements. It's created and maintained by GitHub's design system team and follows the Primer design system. @primer/css offers a robust set of styling options for typography, layout, color, and more.

Alternatives: Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, Bulma

Tags: cssdesigngithubutility-firstlightweight


v2.4.0(about 4 years ago)

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Aphrodite is a JavaScript library for styling web applications. It provides an inline styling system that generates CSS at runtime. Unlike traditional CSS, Aphrodite provides a way to define styles dynamically using JavaScript objects. This allows for granular control over styles and enables styling based on dynamic data.

Alternatives: styled-components, emotion, jss

Tags: javascriptcss-in-jsstylingruntime-css



Both @primer/css and Aphrodite are popular npm packages in the JavaScript community. However, @primer/css, which is a part of the Primer design system by GitHub, might have a larger user base and community due to its association with a widely used platform.


@primer/css provides a collection of ready-to-use CSS utility classes that follow the Primer design system guidelines. It focuses on providing a set of consistent and reusable styles for building web applications. Aphrodite, on the other hand, is a CSS-in-JS library that allows you to write styles directly in your JavaScript code.


@primer/css can be integrated into any project, including React projects, but it doesn't have specific React-related features or dependencies. Aphrodite, on the other hand, is designed specifically for React and provides bindings that allow you to use the library seamlessly with React components.

Styling Approach

With @primer/css, you apply styles by using pre-defined utility classes. It provides a wide range of utility classes for common CSS properties, making it easy to build consistent UIs. Aphrodite, being a CSS-in-JS library, allows you to write inline styles in JavaScript objects or use dynamic styles based on props.


In terms of performance, @primer/css is based on traditional CSS and utility classes, so it has a negligible runtime performance impact. Aphrodite, being a CSS-in-JS library, generates unique class names for each instance of a component, which can result in a slight runtime performance overhead.

Community and Support

Both packages have an active community, but @primer/css, as part of the Primer design system by GitHub, may benefit from its association with a widely used platform and have more extensive documentation and community support.