Head-to-Head: Primer CSS vs Stitches Analysis


v21.0.9(22 days ago)

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@primer/css is a utility-first CSS library that provides a set of pre-defined classes to help you style your HTML elements. It's created and maintained by GitHub's design system team and follows the Primer design system. @primer/css offers a robust set of styling options for typography, layout, color, and more.

Alternatives: Bootstrap, Tailwind CSS, Bulma

Tags: cssdesigngithubutility-firstlightweight


v1.2.8(over 1 year ago)

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@stitches/core is a powerful CSS-in-JS library that allows you to write CSS styles using JavaScript. It provides a simple and intuitive API for defining styles and generating optimized CSS code at runtime. With @stitches/core, you can easily create reusable style utilities, responsive styles, and dynamic styles based on props or state.

Alternatives: styled-components, emotion, linaria

Tags: javascriptcss-in-jsstylingperformanceoptimization



@primer/css is a popular CSS utility library developed by GitHub, which is widely used in many projects. @stitches/core, on the other hand, is a newer library that has gained popularity in recent years but may not have the same level of adoption as @primer/css.


@primer/css focuses on providing a set of CSS utility classes and components that follow the GitHub design system. It aims to make it easy to style and build UI components. @stitches/core, on the other hand, is a powerful CSS-in-JS library that offers a more comprehensive and flexible styling solution with features like theming, responsive styles, and more.


@primer/css is designed to be integrated with any framework or library, including React, Vue, and Angular. It can be used as a standalone CSS library or alongside other CSS-in-JS solutions. @stitches/core, on the other hand, is specifically built for React and provides a seamless integration with React components and state management.

Developer Experience

@primer/css has a simple and straightforward API with a large collection of utility classes that can be used out of the box. It provides a consistent and well-documented design system. @stitches/core offers a more powerful and expressive API for styling React components. It leverages the CSS-in-JS approach, providing a more flexible and dynamic styling experience.


Both @primer/css and @stitches/core aim to generate optimized CSS output. @primer/css uses a utility-first CSS approach to minimize the final output size. @stitches/core utilizes runtime CSS generation to generate minimal and optimized styles based on the used props. Both libraries are performant, but @stitches/core may incur a small runtime overhead due to the dynamic nature of the styling API.

Community and Support

@primer/css is backed by GitHub and has a large community of users, contributors, and ongoing development. It benefits from extensive community support and frequent updates. @stitches/core, while not as widely adopted, has an active and growing community with ongoing development and support.