Head-to-Head: NGXS vs Zustand Analysis


v18.0.0(10 days ago)

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@ngxs/store is a state management library for Angular applications that leverages the power of RxJS observables and Angular's change detection. It provides a simple and efficient way to manage the state of your application by using a Redux-inspired pattern with actions, states, and selectors. @ngxs/store offers features like immutability, time-travel debugging, and plugin ecosystem support.


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v4.5.2(4 months ago)

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Zustand is a minimalistic and straightforward state management library for React applications. It offers a simple and intuitive API for managing global state in a React component tree without the need for complex setups or boilerplate code. Zustand leverages React hooks and context under the hood to provide a lightweight yet powerful state management solution.


Tags: reactstate-managementreact-hookscontext-api



@ngxs/store is a state management library specifically designed for Angular applications and has gained significant popularity within the Angular community. Zustand, on the other hand, is a newer library that has gained attention for its simplicity and lightweight nature, but it is not as widely adopted as @ngxs/store.

Developer Experience

@ngxs/store integrates seamlessly with Angular, providing a familiar syntax and concepts for Angular developers. It leverages Angular's dependency injection system and integrates well with Angular's change detection mechanism. Zustand, on the other hand, is framework-agnostic, which means it can be used with any JavaScript framework or even in vanilla JavaScript projects. It provides a simple API, making it easy to learn and use.


Both @ngxs/store and Zustand offer good performance. @ngxs/store provides built-in optimizations such as memoized selectors and an efficient change detection mechanism. Zustand, being a minimalistic state management library, doesn't introduce much overhead and is lightweight by design, which can be beneficial for performance-critical applications.


@ngxs/store has great support for large-scale applications with its powerful state management capabilities. It provides features like state composition, actions, and selectors, making it easy to organize and scale complex application states. Zustand, although lightweight and flexible, may require additional patterns or external libraries to handle scalability when dealing with large and complex state structures.

Community and Ecosystem

@ngxs/store has a strong and active community due to its popularity within the Angular ecosystem. It has a well-maintained ecosystem with various plugins, middleware, and tooling support. Zustand, being a newer library, has a smaller community and ecosystem, but it is growing steadily. It may have fewer plugins and tooling options compared to @ngxs/store. However, Zustand's flexibility allows you to easily integrate other libraries and tools as needed.