Head-to-Head: NGXS vs Valtio Analysis


v18.0.0(11 days ago)

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@ngxs/store is a state management library for Angular applications that leverages the power of RxJS observables and Angular's change detection. It provides a simple and efficient way to manage the state of your application by using a Redux-inspired pattern with actions, states, and selectors. @ngxs/store offers features like immutability, time-travel debugging, and plugin ecosystem support.


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v1.13.2(4 months ago)

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Valtio is a minimalist and standalone state management library for React applications. It provides a simple API for creating reactive state objects that can be easily shared and accessed across components. Valtio leverages ES6 Proxies to automatically track state changes and trigger re-renders when the state is updated, leading to efficient and performant UI updates.


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Both @ngxs/store and Valtio are popular npm packages in their respective domains. @ngxs/store is a state management library for Angular applications and has a significant user base within the Angular community. Valtio, on the other hand, is a lightweight state management library for React applications and has gained popularity for its simplicity and performance.


Both libraries are scalable, but they have different approaches. @ngxs/store follows a more traditional centralized state management pattern, similar to Redux, which can be suitable for large-scale applications with complex state management needs. Valtio, on the other hand, is designed for smaller to medium-sized applications and follows a decentralized state management pattern, which can be more intuitive and easier to reason about for simpler applications.


Valtio is known for its excellent performance due to its minimal overhead and efficient reactivity system. It leverages ES6 Proxies to achieve reactivity, resulting in fast updates and minimal memory usage. @ngxs/store also performs well, but it may have slightly more overhead due to its centralized state management approach.

Developer Experience

Both libraries provide a good developer experience, but they have different learning curves. @ngxs/store requires a solid understanding of Angular concepts and follows Angular's patterns and conventions. If you are already familiar with Angular, using @ngxs/store can be straightforward. Valtio, on the other hand, has a simpler API and can be easily adopted in any React project, making it more beginner-friendly and less opinionated.

Community and Ecosystem

Both libraries have active communities and ecosystems. @ngxs/store benefits from being part of the Angular ecosystem, which provides a wide range of supporting libraries and resources. It has a mature ecosystem with plugins, middleware, and tooling specifically built for Angular. Valtio, although relatively newer, has gained a growing community and has integrations with popular React libraries and tools.