Head-to-Head: NGXS vs React Query Analysis


v3.8.1(5 months ago)

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@ngxs/store is a state management library for Angular applications. It provides a simple and intuitive way to manage the state of your application by using a centralized store and reactive principles. With @ngxs/store, you can easily define and update the state of your application, and automatically trigger UI updates when the state changes.

Alternatives: ngrx/store, Akita, ngx-model

Tags: javascriptangularstate-managementreactivedependency-injection


v3.39.3(8 months ago)

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React Query is a popular library used for managing server state outside of React components. It provides a simple, powerful, and fast solution for fetching, caching, and updating data in your application. React Query aims to improve the performance of your application by reducing network requests and minimizing the amount of duplicated code often associated with managing data fetching and caching.

Alternatives: redux, mobx, apollo-client

Tags: javascriptlibraryserver-statefetchingcaching



Both @ngxs/store and react-query are popular npm packages within their respective domains. @ngxs/store is widely used in the Angular community for state management, while react-query is gaining popularity among React developers for managing remote data fetching and caching.


While @ngxs/store is specifically built for state management in Angular applications, react-query is focused on handling data fetching and caching in React applications. The packages serve different purposes and are designed to address different needs.


@ngxs/store follows a traditional state management pattern with actions, reducers, and a centralized store. It provides a predictable and structured way of managing application state. On the other hand, react-query follows a more query-based approach where data is fetched and managed through queries and mutations. It offers a declarative and hooks-based API to handle complex data fetching scenarios.

Developer Experience

Both packages have a good developer experience. @ngxs/store provides a familiar Redux-like approach with TypeScript support and powerful tools for debugging and time-travel debugging. react-query offers a straightforward and intuitive API with hooks, caching mechanisms, and built-in support for optimistic updates and pagination.


@ngxs/store integrates seamlessly with Angular applications and follows Angular's design patterns. It provides decorators, dependency injection, and works well with other Angular features. react-query integrates smoothly with React applications and can be easily combined with other state management solutions like Redux or MobX if needed.

Community and Ecosystem

Both packages have active communities and a supportive ecosystem. @ngxs/store has been around longer and has a larger set of plugins and extensions available. It has good documentation and a significant user base within the Angular community. react-query has gained rapid adoption and has a growing ecosystem with various integrations and plugins.