Head-to-Head: NgRx vs Easy Peasy Analysis


v16.3.0(about 20 hours ago)

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@ngrx/store is a state management library for Angular applications. It provides a predictable state container that follows the Redux pattern, allowing you to manage the state of your application in a centralized and immutable way. With @ngrx/store, you can define actions and reducers to update the state, and use selectors to retrieve specific parts of the state.

Alternatives: NgRx, Akita, MobX

Tags: angularstate-managementreduximmutableselectors


v6.0.3(16 days ago)

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Easy Peasy is a simple and lightweight state management library for React applications. It provides a Redux-like API with a minimalistic approach, making it easy to manage and update application state. With Easy Peasy, you can define your state, actions, and selectors in a single file, reducing the boilerplate code typically associated with state management.

Alternatives: redux, mobx, zustand

Tags: javascriptreactstate-managementreduxreact-hooks



Both @ngrx/store and easy-peasy are popular libraries within the Angular ecosystem. @ngrx/store is widely used and has a larger community following, especially among developers familiar with redux patterns. easy-peasy is also gaining popularity and has a growing community.

Redux Integration

@ngrx/store is built on the Redux pattern and provides a full-fledged implementation of Redux for Angular applications. It follows the familiar concepts of actions, reducers, and selectors. easy-peasy is also inspired by Redux but aims to provide a simpler and more opinionated approach, abstracting away some of the complexities of Redux.

Ease of Use

easy-peasy aims to be beginner-friendly and provides a simplified API, making it easier to get started with state management in Angular applications. @ngrx/store, on the other hand, requires a deeper understanding of the Redux pattern and can have a steeper learning curve for newcomers.

Tooling and Devtools

@ngrx/store provides powerful Devtools for debugging and monitoring the state of the application. It integrates well with the Redux DevTools extension, providing time-travel debugging and other advanced features. easy-peasy also has its own set of tooling and can be extended with third-party libraries for debugging purposes.


easy-peasy provides a more opinionated approach to state management, with less flexibility compared to @ngrx/store. @ngrx/store allows for extensive customization and integration with other libraries, but this can also require more configuration and setup.

Type Safety

Both libraries provide good type safety. easy-peasy has built-in TypeScript support and enforces strong typings for actions, state, and selectors. @ngrx/store also has excellent TypeScript support and provides comprehensive typings to ensure type safety throughout the application.

Community and Support

Both libraries have active communities and provide good documentation. @ngrx/store benefits from being part of the larger Redux ecosystem and has extensive resources available. easy-peasy is newer but has a growing community and provides responsive support through its GitHub repository.