Head-to-Head: NgRx vs Constate Analysis


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@ngrx/store is a state management library for Angular applications. It provides a predictable state container that follows the Redux pattern, allowing you to manage the state of your application in a centralized and immutable way. With @ngrx/store, you can define actions and reducers to update the state, and use selectors to retrieve specific parts of the state.

Alternatives: NgRx, Akita, MobX

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Constate is a JavaScript library that provides an easy way to create and consume context in React. It helps manage application state by enabling you to define context and its associated reducers in one place. With constate, you can create reusable and composable state management logic that can be used across multiple components and even across different React applications.

Alternatives: redux, MobX, React context API

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@ngrx/store is a popular state management library specifically designed for Angular applications. It has a strong community support and is widely used in the Angular ecosystem. On the other hand, constate is a relatively lesser-known package that provides a simple state management solution for React applications.


@ngrx/store is tightly integrated with Angular and follows the Redux pattern for managing state. It provides a set of powerful features like actions, reducers, and selectors, which make it a robust choice for complex state management needs in Angular projects. constate, on the other hand, is a standalone library that works well with React but does not have the same level of integration or the same advanced features as @ngrx/store.


@ngrx/store provides a comprehensive set of tools for managing state in Angular applications. It offers a strict unidirectional data flow, time-travel debugging, and various middleware options. constate, on the other hand, is a simpler state management solution for React applications. It focuses on local state management and provides a hook-based API for creating isolated state containers.


@ngrx/store can be more complex to set up and understand, especially for developers who are new to Angular or Redux. It requires adhering to Redux concepts and understanding how to structure actions, reducers, and selectors. On the other hand, constate is designed to be simple and lightweight, providing a minimalistic approach to state management in React.


@ngrx/store is well-suited for large-scale applications where complex state management is required. Its strict unidirectional data flow and scalable architecture make it suitable for handling large amounts of state and ensuring predictable application behavior. constate, on the other hand, is better suited for smaller to medium-sized applications that require simpler state management and do not need the advanced features provided by @ngrx/store.

Documentation and Community

@ngrx/store benefits from a strong community and has extensive documentation available. It also has a well-established ecosystem with a range of community-contributed extensions and tools. constate, being a lesser-known package, has a smaller community and documentation may be relatively limited.