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@ngneat/transloco is a powerful internationalization (i18n) library for Angular applications. It provides a simple and flexible way to translate your application's text content into multiple languages. With @ngneat/transloco, you can easily manage translations, switch between languages at runtime, and handle pluralization and interpolation.

One of the key features of @ngneat/transloco is its support for lazy loading translations, which helps optimize the performance of your application. It also offers a comprehensive set of tools and utilities for managing translations, including extraction and synchronization with external translation files.

Compared to other popular i18n libraries like ngx-translate, @ngneat/transloco offers a more modern and streamlined approach to internationalization in Angular. It leverages Angular's powerful features like dependency injection and change detection, making it a natural fit for Angular projects.

Alternatives: ngx-translate, angular-i18next, angular-l10n

Tags: angularinternationalizationi18ntranslationlazy-loading