Head-to-Head: Headless UI Vue vs Element Plus Analysis


v1.7.16(about 2 months ago)

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@headlessui/vue is a set of fully accessible and customizable UI components for Vue.js. It provides a collection of headless components that are designed to be highly flexible and easy to use. These components are built with accessibility in mind, ensuring that they can be easily navigated and used by all users, including those with disabilities.

Alternatives: Vuetify, Element UI, Ant Design Vue

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v2.3.14(20 days ago)

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Element Plus is a popular Vue component library that provides a comprehensive set of UI components and an intuitive API for building scalable and high-quality user interfaces. It is a successor to the original Vue-based Element UI, which had a huge following and community support. Element Plus offers an improved version with added features, new components, support for new browsers and versions, performance improvements.

Alternatives: Vuetify, BootstrapVue, Quasar

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@headlessui/vue and Element Plus are both popular npm packages in the Vue.js ecosystem. However, Element Plus has been around for a longer time and has gained more popularity among Vue developers due to its comprehensive UI component library.

Component Library

Element Plus is a complete UI component library with a wide range of ready-to-use components, including forms, tables, modals, navigation, and more. It provides a consistent and visually appealing design language. On the other hand, @headlessui/vue is a set of completely unstyled, headless UI components that provide a foundation for building custom UI components. It focuses on providing the necessary functionality without imposing any specific styling.


While Element Plus offers a set of predefined styles and themes, it allows for customization through theming and CSS overrides. @headlessui/vue, being a headless UI library, provides maximum flexibility in terms of customization. It leaves the styling completely up to the developer, allowing for a truly custom look and feel.

Developer Experience

Both packages aim to provide a good developer experience. Element Plus offers a rich set of well-documented components with examples and an active community. It provides detailed API documentation, allowing developers to quickly understand and use the components. @headlessui/vue focuses on simplicity and provides minimalistic APIs for composing custom UI components. It has good documentation and examples, although the learning curve may be slightly steeper for beginners.


Element Plus is a feature-rich library and, as a result, has a larger bundle size compared to @headlessui/vue. If bundle size is a concern for your project, @headlessui/vue might be a better choice as its components are more lightweight and don't come with pre-built styles.