Head-to-Head: Headless UI Vue vs BootstrapVue Analysis


v1.7.16(about 2 months ago)

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@headlessui/vue is a set of fully accessible and customizable UI components for Vue.js. It provides a collection of headless components that are designed to be highly flexible and easy to use. These components are built with accessibility in mind, ensuring that they can be easily navigated and used by all users, including those with disabilities.

Alternatives: Vuetify, Element UI, Ant Design Vue

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v2.23.1(11 months ago)

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BootstrapVue is a popular open-source library for building responsive and mobile-first applications using Vue.js and Bootstrap. It consists of a set of Vue components that can be used with Bootstrap CSS classes and markup. BootstrapVue provides a wide range of components such as modals, forms, buttons, cards, tables, and much more that you can use to create rich user interfaces for your applications.

Alternatives: Vuetify, Element, Quasar

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BootstrapVue has been around for longer and has a larger following and community compared to @headlessui/vue. It is widely used and has a solid user base. However, @headlessui/vue has gained popularity more recently due to its focus on providing headless UI components and its simplicity.

Component Library

@headlessui/vue is a lightweight library that provides a set of fully accessible, customizable, and headless UI components. It focuses on providing the building blocks for creating custom UI components, allowing developers more control over the look and feel. BootstrapVue, on the other hand, is a comprehensive UI component library that is built on top of Bootstrap. It provides a wide range of pre-styled and ready-to-use components, making it easier to create consistent and visually appealing interfaces.


Both packages offer some level of customizability. However, @headlessui/vue is designed with a focus on customization, giving developers more flexibility to style and adapt the components according to their specific requirements. BootstrapVue, while offering customization options, is more opinionated in terms of styling due to its reliance on the Bootstrap framework and CSS classes.


BootstrapVue seamlessly integrates with the Bootstrap framework, making it a great choice for projects that already utilize Bootstrap's styles and components. @headlessui/vue, on the other hand, does not have any external dependencies and can be easily integrated into any Vue project, allowing for more lightweight and flexible setups.


Both libraries have comprehensive documentation. BootstrapVue has extensive documentation that covers all its components and features, along with a wide range of examples and code snippets. @headlessui/vue also provides detailed documentation with clear usage examples, making it easy for developers to get started with the library.

Community Support

BootstrapVue has a larger and more established community compared to @headlessui/vue. This means that there are more resources, tutorials, and community support available for BootstrapVue. However, @headlessui/vue has a growing community and active maintainers who are responsive to issues and feature requests.