Head-to-Head: Headless UI React vs react-date-picker Analysis


v1.7.17(about 2 months ago)

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@headlessui/react is a set of completely unstyled, fully accessible UI components for React. It provides a collection of reusable components that you can use to build your own custom UI without any pre-defined styles. This allows for maximum flexibility and customization, as you have full control over the styling and appearance of the components.

Alternatives: Material-UI, Ant Design, Chakra UI

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v10.5.1(6 days ago)

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React Date Picker is a flexible and customizable date picker component for React applications. It provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for selecting dates, with support for various date formats and localization. The component offers features like date range selection, disabled dates, and custom styling.

Alternatives: react-datepicker, react-dates, react-calendar

Tags: javascriptreactdate-pickercomponentcustomizable



@headlessui/react and react-date-picker are both popular npm packages in the React ecosystem. However, react-date-picker has gained more popularity and wider adoption due to its specific use case of handling date and time pickers.


@headlessui/react is a utility package that provides accessible and customizable building blocks for creating a custom UI components library. It offers various headless UI components such as Dropdowns, Modals, Popovers, etc., allowing developers to create fully customized UI components. On the other hand, react-date-picker is a specialized package focused on providing a date and time picker component with various configuration options to handle date selection.

Customization and Flexibility

@headlessui/react offers more flexibility and customization options as compared to react-date-picker. It provides a set of primitive components that can be composed together to build highly customized UI components. react-date-picker, on the other hand, is more specific and focused on providing a pre-built date and time picker component with limited customization options.

Developer Experience

Both packages offer a good developer experience. However, @headlessui/react might require a deeper understanding of React and component composition to make the most out of its utility components. react-date-picker provides a simpler and straightforward API to handle date and time pickers. Additionally, both packages have good documentation and community support.


Both packages are actively maintained by their respective communities. However, being a more specialized package, react-date-picker might require more frequent updates and bug fixes to stay compatible with the latest versions of React and address any specific date picker-related issues. @headlessui/react provides more generic UI building blocks, hence it may receive updates to introduce new features or improvements, but it is less likely to face compatibility issues.