Head-to-Head: Harlem vs React Query Analysis


v3.1.8(9 months ago)

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@harlem/core is a state management library for JavaScript applications. It provides a simple and intuitive API for managing application state and handling state changes. With @harlem/core, you can easily define and update reactive state variables, create computed properties, and subscribe to state changes.

Alternatives: redux, mobx, vuex

Tags: javascriptstate-managementreactivelightweight


v3.39.3(10 months ago)

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React Query is a popular library used for managing server state outside of React components. It provides a simple, powerful, and fast solution for fetching, caching, and updating data in your application. React Query aims to improve the performance of your application by reducing network requests and minimizing the amount of duplicated code often associated with managing data fetching and caching.

Alternatives: redux, mobx, apollo-client

Tags: javascriptlibraryserver-statefetchingcaching



@harlem/core is a relatively new state management library and may not have gained as much popularity as react-query which is widely adopted and has a large community following.

Use Case

@harlem/core is specifically designed for state management in React applications, providing a simple yet powerful API for managing global state. react-query, on the other hand, focuses on data fetching and caching, making it ideal for handling remote data and API interactions.


Both libraries can be seamlessly integrated into React applications. However, @harlem/core is a standalone state management library, while react-query can be used alongside other state management solutions if needed.

Developer Experience

react-query offers a more declarative and intuitive API for handling server state and caching. It provides built-in hooks and utilities that simplify data fetching and management. @harlem/core also provides a straightforward API, but may require a bit more setup and configuration in comparison.


react-query offers advanced features like automatic caching, pagination, refetching, and retrying requests. It also provides built-in support for mutations and background data synchronization. @harlem/core focuses on providing a simple yet flexible API for managing global state in React applications.

Community Support

react-query has a large and active community, with comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and a wide range of community-contributed plugins. @harlem/core, being a newer library, may have less community support and limited resources available.

Bundle Size

Both libraries are relatively lightweight, but react-query may have a slightly larger bundle size due to its additional features and dependencies. However, the difference in size is typically minimal and shouldn't be a major concern.