@handsontable/react: Detailed Overview & Metrics

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@handsontable/react is a wrapper library that allows you to use the Handsontable spreadsheet component in your React applications. Handsontable is a powerful and feature-rich JavaScript library for creating interactive and customizable data grids.

With @handsontable/react, you can easily integrate Handsontable into your React projects and take advantage of its extensive functionality, including sorting, filtering, pagination, and cell formatting. It provides a seamless integration with React, allowing you to manage the state of the grid using React's component-based architecture.

Compared to other data grid libraries, Handsontable offers a wide range of advanced features and customization options. It provides excellent performance, even with large datasets, and supports various data sources and formats. Additionally, Handsontable has an active community and regular updates, ensuring ongoing maintenance and support.

Alternatives: ag-grid, react-data-grid, react-table

Tags: javascriptreactdata-gridspreadsheetinteractive