@handsontable/angular: Detailed Overview & Metrics

v13.1.0(about 1 month ago)

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@handsontable/angular is a powerful and feature-rich data grid component for Angular applications. It provides an easy-to-use interface for displaying and editing tabular data with various functionalities like filtering, sorting, pagination, and data validation. The integration with Angular allows for seamless data binding and integration with other Angular components and services.

Compared to other data grid libraries for Angular, @handsontable/angular stands out with its extensive set of features, including support for large datasets, advanced styling options, and excellent performance. It offers a comprehensive API that allows for customization and fine-grained control over the grid's behavior and appearance.

Alternatives: ag-grid-angular, ngx-datatable, ng2-smart-table

Tags: angulardata-gridtabular-datafilteringsortingpaginationdata-validation