Head-to-Head: Geist UI vs react-day-picker Analysis


v2.2.5(over 2 years ago)

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@geist-ui/react is a modern and customizable React component library designed for building elegant and responsive user interfaces. It offers a wide range of UI components such as buttons, modals, layouts, and forms, all styled with a minimalist and clean design. Geist UI provides a seamless integration with React applications, allowing developers to quickly create visually appealing interfaces with ease.


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v8.10.1(about 1 month ago)

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React Day Picker is a flexible and customizable date picker component for React applications. It provides a simple and intuitive way to select dates, ranges, and handle date-related interactions in your UI. React Day Picker offers various customization options, including styling, localization, and disabled dates, making it suitable for a wide range of use cases.


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Both '@geist-ui/react' and 'react-day-picker' are popular npm packages within the React community. However, '@geist-ui/react' is part of the larger Geist UI ecosystem, which adds to its popularity and adoption.


'@geist-ui/react' is a component library that provides a wide range of customizable UI components, such as buttons, inputs, modals, etc. It focuses on providing a modern and minimalistic design system. On the other hand, 'react-day-picker' is a flexible and feature-rich date picker library, specifically designed to handle calendar-related functionalities within React applications.

Design and Customization

'@geist-ui/react' follows a modern and minimalistic design language out of the box. It provides various customization options like theming, color schemes, and component styling. 'react-day-picker' is highly customizable and offers a range of options to style and configure the appearance of the date picker. It also supports internationalization and localization.


Both packages have well-documented APIs and usage guides. However, '@geist-ui/react' provides extensive documentation with clear examples and a user-friendly website. 'react-day-picker' also has comprehensive documentation, including code samples and explanations, making it easy for developers to understand and implement the functionalities.

Dependencies and Size

'@geist-ui/react' has a few additional dependencies, including 'styled-components' and 'react-popper', which adds to the overall bundle size. 'react-day-picker' also has some dependencies but is relatively lightweight compared to '@geist-ui/react'. Depending on the project requirements, this difference in size might be a factor to consider.

Community and Support

'@geist-ui/react' is backed by a supportive and active community within the Geist UI ecosystem. It has regular updates and bug fixes. 'react-day-picker' also has an active community and maintains regular updates. Both packages have GitHub repositories where developers can raise issues and contribute to the projects.