Head-to-Head: Geist UI vs react-datepicker Analysis


v2.2.5(almost 2 years ago)

This package was last published over a year ago. It may not be actively maintained.Types definitions are bundled with the npm packageNumber of direct dependencies: 1Monthly npm downloads

@geist-ui/react is a modern and customizable React UI library that provides a set of beautiful and responsive components for building user interfaces. It follows the principles of simplicity, elegance, and accessibility, making it easy to create visually appealing and user-friendly applications.

Alternatives: material-ui, ant-design, chakra-ui

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v4.24.0(about 14 hours ago)

This package is actively maintained.Types definitions are provided via a separate npm package: @types/react-datepickerNumber of direct dependencies: 6Monthly npm downloads

React-datepicker is a lightweight and easy-to-use npm package that provides a reusable datepicker component for React applications. It allows users to select dates and times quickly and accurately. React-datepicker supports all modern browsers and offers support for custom themes and localization. It is built to be highly customizable and flexible, allowing developers to easily integrate it into any project.

Alternatives: react-datetime, react-dates, rc-calendar

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Both @geist-ui/react and react-datepicker are popular npm packages in the React community. However, @geist-ui/react is part of the Geist UI framework, which has gained popularity for its modern and minimalist design, while react-datepicker is a standalone component specifically designed for handling date and time inputs.

Design and Customization

@geist-ui/react offers a comprehensive set of UI components, including a date picker component. It provides a modern and customizable design out of the box, following the Geist UI theme. On the other hand, react-datepicker focuses solely on providing a feature-rich and highly customizable date picker component with various styling options.

Integration and Compatibility

@geist-ui/react is designed to work seamlessly with the Geist UI framework and follows its design principles. It provides a consistent and integrated experience with other components from the framework. react-datepicker, being a standalone component, can be easily integrated into any React project, regardless of the UI library or framework being used.

Features and Functionality

@geist-ui/react's date picker component provides a range of features such as date selection, time selection, range selection, and localization support. It also has options for inline mode and different visual styles. react-datepicker is highly customizable and offers similar features, including date and time selection, range selection, and localization support. It provides various options to customize appearance, behavior, and input formats.

Developer Experience

Both packages provide good developer experience. @geist-ui/react has well-documented APIs and examples, making it easy to understand and use. It follows modern React patterns and conventions. react-datepicker also has comprehensive documentation and offers flexibility in terms of customization and integration. However, the customization options in react-datepicker might require a deeper understanding of the component's API.

Community Support and Maintenance

@geist-ui/react is actively maintained and has a growing community around the Geist UI framework. It benefits from regular updates and bug fixes. react-datepicker, as an individual component, also has active maintenance and community support. Both packages have GitHub repositories where issues can be reported and addressed.