Head-to-Head: Fluent UI React vs react-helmet-async Analysis


v8.112.9(23 days ago)

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@fluentui/react is a comprehensive UI component library for building web applications with a Fluent Design System. It provides a wide range of reusable and customizable components, including buttons, menus, modals, and more. The library follows modern design principles and offers a consistent and visually appealing user interface.

Alternatives: material-ui, ant-design, chakra-ui

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v2.0.3(8 days ago)

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React Helmet Async is a library that allows you to manage and manipulate the metadata of your React application's head section. The package is an asynchronous fork of the popular React Helmet package. It provides server-side rendering support and enables you to set meta tags, title tags, and other SEO-related tags in a simple and declarative manner. It also supports dynamic import and allows you to alter the head after the mount/lifecycle in React.

Alternatives: react-helmet, next-seo, react-meta-tags

Tags: reactseoserver-side-renderingmetadatahead-section



@fluentui/react, also known as Fluent UI, is a very popular library for building user interfaces in React. It has a large and active community with extensive usage and support. React-helmet-async, on the other hand, is a relatively lesser-known package that focuses on managing the document head in React applications.


@fluentui/react is a comprehensive UI component library that provides a wide range of pre-styled components and utilities. It offers a cohesive and consistent design system and is well-suited for building professional and enterprise-level applications. React-helmet-async, on the other hand, specializes in managing the document head, allowing you to dynamically update the title, meta tags, and other elements of the HTML document's head.


@fluentui/react seamlessly integrates with React applications and provides a set of well-documented and customizable components. It also supports theming and accessibility out of the box. React-helmet-async also integrates well with React, allowing you to manage the document head asynchronously and efficiently.

Developer Experience

@fluentui/react provides a great developer experience with its well-documented API, extensive examples, and a wide range of pre-built components. It also has excellent TypeScript support. React-helmet-async's API is straightforward and easy to use, and it supports both JavaScript and TypeScript. However, it may require some additional setup and configuration compared to standard React Helmet.

Community and Support

@fluentui/react has a vibrant and active community, with regular updates, bug fixes, and contributions. It is backed by Microsoft, which ensures long-term support and maintenance. React-helmet-async has a smaller community but is still actively maintained and has a responsive GitHub repository to address issues and feature requests.