Head-to-Head: Fluent UI React vs react-day-picker Analysis


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@fluentui/react is a comprehensive UI component library for building web applications with a Fluent Design System. It provides a wide range of reusable and customizable components, including buttons, menus, modals, and more. The library follows modern design principles and offers a consistent and visually appealing user interface.


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React Day Picker is a flexible and customizable date picker component for React applications. It provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for selecting dates, with support for single date selection, range selection, and multiple date selection. React Day Picker offers a wide range of customization options, allowing you to style the calendar, define disabled dates, and handle events like date selection and navigation.


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@fluentui/react is a popular UI component library developed by Microsoft and widely used in the React community. It has a large user base and is actively maintained. react-day-picker, on the other hand, is a popular date picker library specifically designed for React applications. While it may not have the same level of popularity as @fluentui/react, it is still widely used and has a dedicated following.


@fluentui/react provides a comprehensive set of UI components that follow the Fluent Design System, including buttons, inputs, menus, and more. It offers a consistent and visually appealing UI experience. react-day-picker, as the name suggests, focuses specifically on providing a feature-rich and customizable date picker component for React applications. It offers various date selection options, localization support, and styling customization.


@fluentui/react is designed to seamlessly integrate with React applications and provides a wide range of components that can be easily used in your project. It also offers theming and customization options to match your application's design. react-day-picker is also designed for React and can be easily integrated into your project. It provides a flexible API and supports customization through CSS and styling options.

Developer Experience

@fluentui/react provides a well-documented API and has extensive documentation and examples available. It follows best practices and provides a consistent development experience. react-day-picker also has good documentation and examples, making it easy to understand and use. Both packages have active communities and provide support through GitHub repositories and forums.


@fluentui/react is actively maintained by Microsoft and has regular updates and bug fixes. It is a mature library with a strong commitment to backward compatibility. react-day-picker is also actively maintained by its developers and receives updates and bug fixes. Both packages have a good track record of addressing issues and maintaining compatibility with new versions of React.