Head-to-Head: Docusaurus vs Nextra Analysis


v2.4.3(14 days ago)

This package is actively maintained.The package doesn't have any types definitionsNumber of direct dependencies: 71Monthly npm downloads

@docusaurus/core is a modern static website generator that allows you to create documentation websites easily. It is built on top of React and supports Markdown files, which makes creating and maintaining documentation a breeze. @docusaurus/core comes with a built-in search functionality and is highly customizable with themes and plugins.

Alternatives: Jekyll, Hugo, Gatsby

Tags: static-websitedocumentationreactmarkdownsearchversioninglocalization


v2.13.1(9 days ago)

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Nextra is a flexible and customizable documentation generator for Next.js projects. It provides a simple and intuitive way to create beautiful and interactive documentation websites. With Nextra, you can easily write your documentation in Markdown and customize the layout, styling, and navigation to fit your project's needs.

Alternatives: Docusaurus, VuePress, Gatsby

Tags: javascriptdocumentationgeneratorNext.jsMarkdown



Both @docusaurus/core and nextra are popular npm packages used for building static websites and documentation sites. @docusaurus/core has gained more popularity over time and is widely adopted by the developer community. nextra is relatively newer and has a smaller user base.


Both packages are designed to handle scalable projects. @docusaurus/core provides a robust framework with built-in features like easy navigation, search, and responsive design. nextra focuses on simplicity and provides a lightweight setup that can be extended with custom configurations as needed.


Both packages aim to provide good performance. However, @docusaurus/core has a more mature codebase and optimizations in place, making it slightly more performant compared to nextra. It's worth noting that the performance difference might not be significant for smaller projects.

Developer Experience

@docusaurus/core offers a comprehensive documentation and has a larger community, which provides excellent support and resources. It has a rich plugin ecosystem that allows customization and extension. nextra also has good documentation, but its community is smaller, which means fewer resources and community support compared to @docusaurus/core.


Both packages offer customization options, but @docusaurus/core provides more out-of-the-box themes and plugin integrations. It has a more structured architecture and allows more flexibility in customizing the website's layout and design. nextra is more minimalistic and provides a simpler setup with less built-in theming and plugin options.


@docusaurus/core integrates well with other modern tools and frameworks in the React ecosystem. It is specifically optimized for React-based websites. nextra is also compatible with React, but it has a more agnostic approach and can be used with other frameworks.