Head-to-Head: Chakra UI vs react-day-picker Analysis


v2.8.2(7 months ago)

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@chakra-ui/react is a popular React component library that provides a set of customizable and accessible UI components for building modern web applications. It follows a design system approach, offering a wide range of components like buttons, forms, modals, and more, with built-in theming and styling capabilities. The library is known for its flexibility, allowing developers to easily customize the appearance and behavior of components to match their design requirements.


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v8.10.1(2 months ago)

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React Day Picker is a flexible and customizable date picker component for React applications. It provides a simple and intuitive way to select dates, ranges, and handle date-related interactions in your UI. With a focus on accessibility and keyboard navigation, React Day Picker offers a seamless user experience across different devices and browsers.


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Both @chakra-ui/react and react-day-picker are popular npm packages within the React ecosystem. However, @chakra-ui/react is part of the Chakra UI framework, which has gained significant popularity for its design system and component library, making it more widely used and recognized.


@chakra-ui/react provides a comprehensive set of UI components, including layout, form elements, navigation, and more. It offers a well-designed and customizable component library for building responsive and accessible UIs. On the other hand, react-day-picker is focused specifically on date picking functionality, providing an intuitive and feature-rich date picker component.

Developer Experience

@chakra-ui/react offers a great developer experience with its declarative API, extensive documentation, and a wide range of ready-to-use components. It follows the best practices for accessibility and provides theming support out-of-the-box. react-day-picker also provides a good developer experience with a straightforward API and customizable styling options.


@chakra-ui/react seamlessly integrates with the Chakra UI ecosystem, providing consistent theming and styling options across the entire application. It also offers integration with popular tools like React Router and Formik. react-day-picker, on the other hand, can be easily integrated into any React application, but it doesn't depend on any particular UI framework or library.

Community Support

@chakra-ui/react benefits from a large and active community due to its association with the Chakra UI framework. It has a dedicated support team and frequent updates. react-day-picker also has a supportive community, although it might be smaller compared to @chakra-ui/react.