Head-to-Head: Chakra UI vs react-datepicker Analysis


v2.8.2(5 months ago)

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@chakra-ui/react is a popular React component library that provides a set of customizable and accessible UI components for building modern web applications. It offers a wide range of components such as buttons, forms, modals, and more, all designed with a focus on design system consistency and developer experience. Chakra UI's components are highly composable and easy to style, making it a preferred choice for developers looking to create visually appealing and responsive user interfaces.


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v6.7.1(about 9 hours ago)

This package is actively maintained.Types definitions are provided via a separate npm package: @types/react-datepickerNumber of direct dependencies: 5Monthly npm downloads

React-datepicker is a flexible and customizable date picker component for React applications. It provides a user-friendly interface for selecting dates and supports various features like date range selection, inline calendars, and localization. React-datepicker simplifies the process of handling date inputs in forms and ensures a consistent user experience across different devices and browsers.


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Both @chakra-ui/react and react-datepicker are popular npm packages within the React ecosystem. However, @chakra-ui/react has gained significant popularity due to its comprehensive UI component library and its focus on accessibility and design.

UI Component Library

@chakra-ui/react is a complete UI component library that provides a wide range of customizable and accessible components out of the box. It follows a design system approach and offers a consistent and cohesive look and feel. On the other hand, react-datepicker is a specific date picker component that focuses solely on date selection functionality.

Customization and Theming

@chakra-ui/react offers extensive customization options and theming capabilities. It provides a theme object that allows developers to easily customize the appearance of components to match their application's design. react-datepicker, while customizable to some extent, may require more manual styling and customization to achieve a desired look and feel.

Developer Experience

@chakra-ui/react provides a great developer experience with a well-documented API, clear examples, and a supportive community. It follows modern React patterns and embraces hooks. react-datepicker also has good documentation, but its API may require a bit more configuration and understanding of its props to fully utilize its features.


@chakra-ui/react has a few dependencies, including React and Emotion, which are widely used in the React ecosystem. react-datepicker also has React as a dependency, but it has fewer dependencies overall. This can be a consideration if you are concerned about the size and potential conflicts with other packages in your project.

Community Support

@chakra-ui/react has a large and active community that provides support, regular updates, and contributions to the project. react-datepicker also has a decent community, but it may not be as extensive as @chakra-ui/react. Having a strong community can be beneficial in terms of finding solutions to issues, getting help, and staying up to date with the latest developments.