Head-to-Head: Qwik vs Solid Analysis


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An Open-Source sub-framework designed with a focus on server-side-rendering, lazy-loading, and styling/animation.


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SolidJS is a declarative JavaScript library for building user interfaces, focusing on performance and reactivity. It offers a reactive and composable API that allows developers to create efficient and scalable web applications. SolidJS leverages fine-grained reactivity to update only the necessary components when data changes, resulting in fast rendering and minimal re-renders.


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@builder.io/qwik is a relatively new package and may not have as much widespread popularity as solid-js. Solid-js, on the other hand, has gained popularity in the React community for its unique reactive programming model.


@builder.io/qwik is a library built specifically for creating fast, server-rendered React applications with a focus on component-driven development and code splitting. Solid-js, on the other hand, is a declarative UI library that aims to provide efficient reactivity and performance optimizations.

Reactivity Model

Solid-js follows a fine-grained reactivity model, where components re-render only if their dependencies change. This helps in achieving optimal performance and avoiding unnecessary re-renders. @builder.io/qwik also has a reactive programming model, but it focuses more on managing state and rendering components on the server.

Development Experience

Both packages provide good developer experience and have comprehensive documentation. Solid-js has a simpler API and promotes a more functional programming approach, which can lead to cleaner and more maintainable code. @builder.io/qwik offers a unique approach to component-driven development and enables efficient code splitting, making it easier to reason about and optimize large codebases.

Integration with React Ecosystem

Solid-js is a complete replacement for React and has its own JSX syntax, while @builder.io/qwik is built on top of React and seamlessly integrates with existing React codebases. If you already have a React project, @builder.io/qwik may provide a smoother transition.

Community Support

Solid-js has a growing and active community, with ongoing contributions and support. While @builder.io/qwik is relatively new, it has potential due to its focus on server-rendered React applications and is backed by the Builder.io team.