Head-to-Head: Qwik vs Riot Analysis


v1.2.12(12 days ago)

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Builder.io Qwik is a powerful yet lightweight framework for building fully integrated web experiences that are blazingly fast. It is designed to give developers the flexibility they need to create great websites and applications, without sacrificing performance or scalability.

Alternatives: React, Angular, Vue.js

Tags: javascriptframeworkperformancetemplate-enginedata-bindingreactgraphql


v9.0.4(about 1 month ago)

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Riot is a simple and lightweight JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It follows a component-based architecture, allowing you to create reusable UI components with ease. Riot provides a virtual DOM implementation, which ensures efficient rendering and updates.

Alternatives: react, vue, preact

Tags: javascriptframeworkuser-interfacecomponent-basedvirtual-dom



Riot has been around for longer and has a solid user base, but its popularity has declined in recent years. On the other hand, @builder.io/qwik is a relatively newer package and may not be as widely adopted as Riot.

Type of Package

Riot is a lightweight and powerful component-based UI library, while @builder.io/qwik is a framework that focuses on server-rendered web applications with a component-oriented approach. However, note that @builder.io/qwik is more geared towards builder.io's platform and might not be suitable for general use cases outside of that ecosystem.

Learning Curve

Learning Riot is relatively easy and straightforward, as it follows a simple and intuitive API design. @builder.io/qwik has a steeper learning curve due to its integration with the builder.io platform and the added complexity of server-side rendering.

Development Experience

Riot offers a great development experience with a fast and efficient virtual DOM engine, hot-reloading, and a rich ecosystem of plugins and extensions. @builder.io/qwik provides a more opinionated development experience with a focus on server-side rendering and easy integration with the builder.io platform.


Both Riot and @builder.io/qwik are designed to handle scalable applications. Riot's simplicity allows for easy scalability, while @builder.io/qwik's focus on server-side rendering can be beneficial for performance and scalability in certain scenarios.

Community and Ecosystem

Riot has an active community and a decent ecosystem of plugins and extensions, although it may not be as extensive as other frameworks. @builder.io/qwik, being a newer package, has a smaller community and ecosystem compared to Riot.


Riot has comprehensive and well-structured documentation, making it easy for developers to get started and find answers to their questions. Documentation for @builder.io/qwik may be more limited and specific to its use within the builder.io platform.