Head-to-Head: Apollo Client vs ember-apollo-client Analysis


v3.8.4(12 days ago)

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@apollo/client is a powerful and flexible state management library for building GraphQL clients in JavaScript applications. It provides a robust client caching system, improves query efficiency, enables real-time data updates and supports multiple GraphQL APIs.

Alternatives: redux, mobx, vuex, nuxt-apollo

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v4.1.1(5 months ago)

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Ember Apollo Client is a powerful integration between Ember.js and Apollo Client, which is a popular GraphQL client for JavaScript. It allows Ember.js developers to easily fetch and manage data from a GraphQL API in their applications.

Alternatives: ember-graphql-request, ember-apollo, ember-apollo-client-preset

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@apollo/client is a widely-used and highly popular package in the JavaScript and GraphQL communities. It is the official Apollo library for JavaScript and has gained significant adoption. ember-apollo-client, on the other hand, is specifically tailored for Ember.js applications and has a smaller user base in comparison.

Integration with Framework

While both packages provide Apollo Client functionality, @apollo/client is designed to work seamlessly with various JavaScript frameworks, including but not limited to React, Vue, Angular, and Node.js. ember-apollo-client is specifically built for Ember.js applications, providing easier integration and better compatibility with Ember's ecosystem.

Developer Experience

@apollo/client prioritizes a modern, intuitive, and declarative API that aligns well with the latest JavaScript practices and tooling. It offers robust TypeScript support, extensive documentation, and active community support. ember-apollo-client is optimized for Ember developers and provides a familiar Ember-style API, making it easier for Ember developers to leverage Apollo Client capabilities within their apps.

Scalability and Performance

@apollo/client is highly scalable and performs well with larger GraphQL schemas and complex queries. It offers features like query caching, automatic data normalization, and efficient network batching. ember-apollo-client also provides similar performance benefits and optimizations, ensuring efficient data fetching and management within Ember.js applications.

Updates and Maintenance

@apollo/client is actively maintained by the Apollo GraphQL team, which ensures frequent updates, bug fixes, and new feature releases. It has a large and vibrant community actively contributing to its development. ember-apollo-client is backed by the Ember.js community and receives maintenance updates, but it may have a slower release cycle compared to the official @apollo/client library.