Head-to-Head: 11ty vs VitePress Analysis


v2.0.1(6 months ago)

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@11ty/eleventy is a powerful, flexible, and simple static site generator that is built on Node.js. It is highly configurable and requires minimal setup, making it ideal for building websites or blogs quickly. Eleventy takes markdown, liquid templates, and other common file formats as input, and generates HTML, CSS and JavaScript output. It also supports a wide range of plugins, making it highly extensible.

Alternatives: Jekyll, Hugo, Gatsby

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v1.0.0-rc.20(10 days ago)

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VitePress is a modern static site generator powered by the Vue 3 framework. With VitePress, developers can create high-performance documentation, landing pages, blogs, and other static sites leveraging Vue's reactive data-binding and composition API. It offers seamless integration with Vue, allowing developers to use Vue components in their pages and markdown files, making the templating system highly flexible and customizable.

Alternatives: Nuxt.js, Gatsby, Next.js

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Purpose and Functionality

Both @11ty/eleventy and vitepress are static site generators, but they serve different purposes. @11ty/eleventy is a simple and flexible static site generator that allows you to build static websites using various templating languages such as HTML, Markdown, and Nunjucks. It provides a customizable and extensible ecosystem for generating static content. On the other hand, vitepress is a static site generator specifically designed for creating documentation websites. It leverages Vue.js and Vite to provide a seamless development experience for building Vue-based documentation sites.

Popularity and Community Support

Both packages have gained popularity and have active communities, albeit in different niches. @11ty/eleventy has been widely adopted for its simplicity and versatility, with a steady fanbase and community support. Vitepress, being a more specific tool for Vue.js documentation, has gained popularity within the Vue ecosystem and benefits from the widespread usage and support of Vue.js.

Developer Experience

Both @11ty/eleventy and vitepress aim to provide a smooth developer experience. @11ty/eleventy prioritizes simplicity and allows you to use a variety of templating languages, making it easy to work with existing workflows and markup. It provides an intuitive command-line interface and offers various plugins and extension points for customization. Vitepress, being built on top of Vite and Vue.js, offers a modern and intuitive development experience tailored specifically for Vue.js projects. It leverages Vue's composition API and provides powerful features like hot module replacement and blazing-fast development server.


Both @11ty/eleventy and vitepress are designed to generate optimized and performant static websites. @11ty/eleventy focuses on speed and performance, allowing you to generate static sites quickly. Vitepress, built on top of Vite, takes advantage of Vite's blazing-fast bundling and development server capabilities, resulting in speedy development and build times. Additionally, vitepress benefits from Vue's efficient rendering system, which ensures performant and responsive documentation sites.

Extensibility and Customization

Both @11ty/eleventy and vitepress offer extensibility and customization options. @11ty/eleventy provides a rich ecosystem of plugins that allow you to customize and extend its functionality. It also offers various configuration options to tailor the static site generation process according to your needs. Vitepress, being built on Vue.js, benefits from the vast Vue ecosystem and allows you to leverage Vue plugins and components within your documentation site. It provides a well-documented API that facilitates customization and extension.

Learning Curve

Both @11ty/eleventy and vitepress have relatively low learning curves. @11ty/eleventy is easy to grasp, especially if you are familiar with templating languages like HTML and Markdown. Vitepress builds on top of Vue.js, so if you already have experience with Vue, you'll find the learning curve to be smooth. However, if you are new to the Vue ecosystem, there might be a slight learning curve to understand Vue-specific concepts and practices.