Head-to-Head: 11ty vs Elder.js Analysis


v2.0.1(6 months ago)

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@11ty/eleventy is a powerful, flexible, and simple static site generator that is built on Node.js. It is highly configurable and requires minimal setup, making it ideal for building websites or blogs quickly. Eleventy takes markdown, liquid templates, and other common file formats as input, and generates HTML, CSS and JavaScript output. It also supports a wide range of plugins, making it highly extensible.

Alternatives: Jekyll, Hugo, Gatsby

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v1.8.0-beta.14(about 1 year ago)

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@elderjs/elderjs is a modern and flexible static site generator built with Node.js. It provides a powerful and intuitive framework for creating static websites and blogs. Elder.js focuses on simplicity and performance, allowing developers to build fast and SEO-friendly websites with ease.

Alternatives: gatsby, next.js, 11ty

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@11ty/eleventy is a widely popular static site generator that has gained significant popularity in the JavaScript community. It has a large user base and active community support. On the other hand, @elderjs/elderjs is a newer framework but has gained attention and is growing in popularity.

Ease of Use

@11ty/eleventy is known for its simplicity and ease of use. It has a minimal configuration and provides a straightforward setup process. @elderjs/elderjs, while also user-friendly, offers more configuration options and flexibility, which can be beneficial for complex projects with specific requirements.

Features and Extensibility

@11ty/eleventy provides a solid set of features out of the box, including support for various templating languages and data formats. It also supports custom plugins and extensions for added functionality. @elderjs/elderjs offers similar features but is designed with a specific focus on SEO and performance optimization. It includes built-in caching strategies and provides a plugin-based architecture for extensibility.


@11ty/eleventy is known for its fast build times and optimized output. It leverages efficient caching mechanisms and ensures optimal performance. @elderjs/elderjs also emphasizes performance and provides features such as server-side rendering (SSR) to enhance speed and SEO capabilities.

Documentation and Community Support

@11ty/eleventy has thorough and well-documented resources, including official documentation, starter templates, and community-contributed examples. It has an active and supportive community, making it easy to find help and resources. @elderjs/elderjs has a growing documentation base, but it may not be as extensive as @11ty/eleventy. However, the community support is actively growing, and there are dedicated support channels available.

Flexibility and Customization

@11ty/eleventy provides a balance between simplicity and customization. It allows you to extend its functionality using custom JavaScript and configuration options. @elderjs/elderjs, on the other hand, is more extensible and customizable by design. It offers a plugin-based architecture and allows for more fine-grained control over the build process.

Maturity and Stability

@11ty/eleventy is a mature and stable static site generator that has been widely adopted and used in production environments. It has a solid track record of reliability. @elderjs/elderjs is relatively newer and may not have the same level of maturity. However, it is actively maintained and is gaining stability with each release.