September 2021 update

This is a September report on the progress of

This month there were no major changes.

Hence, let me keep this article short and just quickly list the changes:

  • made the Table look cleaner in the desktop view by removing icons from all the metrics
  • removed the old Bundlephobia chart which Moiva had since its “early days” in favour of the new “Bundle size” chart which is part of the Table now.
  • added actions (copy, download, share) to Table charts similar to the rest of the charts
  • fixed a bug in “Npm Releases” and “Contributors” charts when a wrong quarter was shown
  • added a bunch of new libraries to Catalog
  • updated npm dependencies and refactored Vue components to use the new <script setup> syntax
  • refactored Table related components to make the logic simpler and easier to maintain
  • made some stylistic changes to improve UI
  • last but not least, changed copy in some places to highlight the current focus of Moiva - NPM ecosystem.

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